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Bar Star Ranch – Flying Fish Lake

Bar Star RanchThe Mountain Angler has secured the exclusive rights to guide on Flying Fish Lake !

For the angler interested in the skill and fun of fly fishing uncrowded waters, Flying Fish Lake at Bar Star Ranch is the ultimate still water destination. Imagine a lake were you can catch bragging-sized trout and not see another angler for the entire day. This lake exists only 1.5 hours from Denver, a sanctuary for both trout and fisherman.

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Flying Fish Lake is a 40 acre private lake stocked with the highest quality rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout. The fish are lively, large and healthy creating a thrilling fishing experience with every catch. They literally fly out of the water, hence the name, Flying Fish Lake. There will be ample opportunity to land several 20″-28″ trout in afternoon. Each year the lake is restocked to ensure the best fishing experience for our guests. Accomplished anglers, beginners and kids are assured to have a fantastic time.

The Lake can accommodate, wade or float fishing allowing the angler a variety of experiences. Catch and release fly fishing only. A limited number of anglers are allowed on the lake at one time, in order to preserve the serene, private experience and make sure the waters do not get over fished. The Ranch is open for fly fishing from May through October to allow for the lake to rest, although the season may vary slightly depending on the weather.

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