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Fly Fishing F.A.Q.

Answer all of your questions about our guided fly fishing trips in Keyston, CO, Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco and Vail.

Q: What does the cost of the trip include ?
A: The guide service fee includes the Guide for the day, any instruction, the use of waders, wading shoes , rod ,reel, and transport from the shop and back to the shop. Costs that are not included are Flies, licenses and gratuities.

Q: Where will we fish on our guided trip ?
A: The Mountain Angler is permitted to fish virtually all the public waters in the area. We also have a variety of private waters at our disposal –which generally need to be booked well in advance. If you are booked on public water, after talking to your guide on the day of the trip and determining what your needs are, we will head off to the best location for that day. We primarily fish the Colorado, Blue, Arkansas, Eagle, Middle Fork of the South Platte, and South Fork of the South Platte as well as many other smaller streams.

Q: Where will we meet for our guided trip ?
All trips depart form our shop located at 311 S. Main Street in Breckenridge unless other arrangements are made. At the time of your reservation you will be notified of the meeting time.

Q. Can I keep fish on our guided trip ?
Generally all of the trips are strictly catch and release only. If you would like to keep a couple of fish for the “pan “ you need to inform the guide prior to departure of the trip.

Q: What should I wear ?
A: Because of the nature of the weather in the High Country on a year –round basis you need to be prepared for all types weather. That means having layers of clothing including a rain jacket. It is also advisable to wear muted colors such as olives and tans-so as not to scare the spooky trout ! . A brimmed hat, And sunglasses are also very important.

Q: Will I catch any fish ?
Although we can not guarantee that you will catch a fish, history has shown that most of our anglers do very well. Conditions such as water clarity, weather, water temperatures, insect hatches and many other factors as well as your ability affect the chances of catching fish. Your guide will always work his hardest to get you into fish.

Q: Will we still go out on our trip if the weather looks inclement
A: We rarely cancel trips because of inclement weather. Generally if the weather is bad the catching is good.

Q. How much should I tip my Guide ?
The rule is to start with 20 % of the cost of the guide service amount. If you feel your guide has surpassed your expectations larger gratuities are appropriate.

Q. Can I bring a non-fishing friend along on the trip ?
A: We do not discourage a friend coming along. However it is important to let them know that they will probably need waders, rain gear and bug spray. Generally we find the non- fisher is not a positive component on a fishing guide trip.