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Williams Fork River Below Dam

October 1, 2018

Today's Rating:

Flow: 50.7 c.f.s

Water levels at the Williams Fork are Low. Hopper dropper fishing is the best option right now! At these flows you’ll want to find the deeper pockets as trout will retreat to deeper lies for safety and food. Fish these deeper pockets with Nymph rigs to have the most success. Also, fishing riffles for trout lying in oxygenated water. Trout move into this faster water as the day heats up to seek cooler water and food. Great single or double dry action right now. The water clarity is crystal clear so remember stealth presentation and 5x-6x tippets and leaders. Try some small midge/BWO imitations this time of the year with the low and clear water! Go check it out!

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Flies Suggested:

Pheasant tail #12-16, Egg Patterns, Zebra Midges BLK/Red #18-20 Copper John Chartresuse/red/tan #12-18, Micro Mayfly Olive #16-20, Swisher Foam Hopper Tan/Olive/Black #10-6, Mini Foamulator Pink/Purple #14-10

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