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Arkansas River Near Leadville

October 1, 2018

Today's Rating:

Flow: 16 c.f.s.

The upper Arkansas River is fishing alright right now. Hopper dropper off the bank is a great way to fish this section right now or single or double dry flies. Walk and find water with slow moving pockets and that is where you will find these trout holding in all the deeper water. You can’t go wrong with a single dry parachute adams during this time of the year. Furthermore, with this low water and colder temps the brown trout will begin to move into their annual spawn. So please be conscious to practice ethical fall fishing and watching out to NOT fish to browns on Redds. Get ready for some fall fishing!

Suggested Flies:

Swisher Foam tan #8-12, Caddis Stimulator Orange 10-12#, Red Copper John #16, San Juan Worm red/pink #12, Tungsten Yellow Sally #14, Willy’s Ant Tan Peach #10-8, Caddis Puppa Green 14-18#, Wolly Bugger Olive/Black/Purple #8-12, BWO Emerger #18-20, Zebra Midge Blck/Olive/Red #18-20

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