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S. Fork of the S. Platte River – Knight Imler and 63 Ranch

October 1, 2018

Today's Rating:

Flow: 6 c.f.s

The South Fork is running at a low flow right now! Fishing in the morning has been a little slow with the colder temps at night still. As soon as the water heats up the bugs start to come alive. Some very large brown trout will start to move into the system, so get ready for possibly some large fish soon! Fish the soft side pockets near the edge and slow pools for feeding fish. Tight Lines!

Feel free to call for up to date stream report at 970-453-4665

Suggested Flies: 

PMD FB Emerger #16, Pheasant Tail RBL FB #14, Egg Patterns, Dennis PMD Parrawullf #16, Red San Juan Worm #12, Grasshopper #12, Swisher Foam #8-12, Pheasant Tail CDC Jig #16-12

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