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Middle Fork of the S. Platte River – Tomahawk and Badger Basin SWA

October 1, 2018

Today's Rating:


Santa Maria: 9.3 c.f.s.

Prince: 13.3 c.f.s.

Water is LOW right now in this section then previous years but there is still some great resident fish in the system. We haven’t seen the Lake fish from Spinney Mtn Res yet but I’m sure they wll begin to move into the river soon for Fall spawn. Fish are holding in the soft and deep pockets of the river eating BWO, caddis, pheasant tails, eggs, beatis, midges, hoppers, and dries. Don’t forget to fish the shallower riffle water as well. Trout will move into these sections of the river for more oxygen, colder water, and food. Its a great time of the season to get the dry fly box out and fish single and double dries all day. As well, they are holding in riffles and faster water depending on the day. Furthermore, fish deeper and faster holes with Nymph rigs to get your flies down to the feeding fish. Hopper dropper set ups with a single or double droppers below will produce the best this time of the year to be stealth. Make sure to move slowly to ensure not spooking the fish and presenting your fly with ease. These trout are hungry and starting to eat up all the food they can right now. If your lucky you can find some very large lake run fish in this system right now! Great fishing right now!

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Suggested Flies:

Pheasant Tail #14, Pheasant Tail CDC #14-18, Egg Patterns, Red San Juan Worm #12, Hotwire Prince #16, Parachute Adams #12, Sweetgrass #8/#10, Swisher Foam #8-12, Natural Pheasant Tail #16, Dennis Parrawullf PMD #16, Wolly Bugger Olive/Black/Purple #10-12


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