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Dream Stream

October 1, 2018

Today's Rating:

Flow: 125 c.f.s.

Great fishing at the Dream Stream right now! Tricos are still coming off at the Dream… they are coming off from about 9:00am-11:30am. But we are on the back end of the Trico hatch and moving into colder night and day temps. Fantastic dry fly fishing with caddis, tricos, and hoppers. The Koakanee are IN the river and more and more are showing up everyday. They are spread out throughout the entire river as high up as the Top Lot. Try using bright or larger patterns to get these Kokanee to bite your fly. Nymph rigs are the best way to fish for these Salomon right now.

The Big Brown trout are starting to show up as well but we are not really seeing a good amount of them in the river just yet. Im guessing with the warmer temps we are still having the water temps have still not dropped enough to get a big push of these Lake Run browns into the river quiet yet. They’re tons of other large fish feeding in deep runs and slots. If you see someone fishing on “Redds” or walking on some please inform them in a respectful way and try to avoid confrontation as some folks do not know what they are doing is WRONG. Thanks everyone! Look for fish holding in current seams and riffles eating a variety of flies including bwo’s, caddis, eggs, stones, midge larva, and baetis patterns. Don’t be afraid to throw streamers during the darker days and in the bad weather! That can be a great tactic this time of the year on these aggressive lake run trout. The crowds have been high with this section as it is very popular. But if you can deal with the crowds you should lots of fish and some very large ones! In sunny conditions move with stealth and try and sight fish feeding and you should do very well. If you can deal with the large crowds your luck could pay off with a fish of a lifetime!


Suggested Flies:

Double Down CDC flashback Pheasant Tail #14, Trico Spinner #20-22, Egg Patterns, Zebra Midge BLK/Cream/Red #18-20, PMD #16, Natural Pheasant Tail #18-20, Red Two-Bit Hooker #18, Bling Midge Cream #18-20, Radiation Baetis Pink #20, Wolly Bugger Olive/Black #10, Pats Rubber Legs #10-14

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