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Blue River – North of Silverthorne

July 19, 2018

Today's Rating:

Flow: 138 c.f.s.

The river is fishing good to great North of Silverthorne toward Green Mountain Reservoir. Water levels in this section have just increased recently with these afternoon showers creating some small feeder creeks to feed the river with more water and dirty it up. This has moved the fish around slightly with the more water creating more places to rest and feed. But, this has made for some great hatches of stoneflies in the water and the fish are loving them! The inlet area above Green Mountain is starting to shape up but still waiting on more water to push those lake fish in thicker.   Nymph rigs are the most effective way of fishing this stretch of the Blue with a Red San Juan Worm, to CDC Pheasant Tail.


Suggested Flies:

Red/Pink San Juan Worm #12, Red Copper John #14, CDC Pheasant Tail #16, Black Zebra Midge #18, Pickle Bugs #4-10, Yellow Sallies #12-16

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