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Blue River – Below Dillon Dam

October 1, 2018

Today's Rating:

Flow: 56.9 c.f.s

The water has come down a lot at the Blue River! This new decrease in water should make it a little more boney to fish most of the Blue River now. The trout will now be more concentrated and back into deeper pockets to seek shelter from anglers. Get the dry flies out and give it a try with some BWO and hopper imitations. Sight fishing is a big part of success in this section. If you do not spot trout keep walking until you do. Hunting your fish down is the way to go at the Tailwater section of the Blue River. Look for trout holding in soft pockets such as the banks, behind rocks, and below weirs. Fishing is good in Silverthorne using mysis shrimp, hoppers, caddis, stoneflies, and small midge patterns. If you are sight fishing to a large trout and it is not eating your fly don’t be afraid to switch up the fly 3 or 4 times to find that correct pattern that it will feed on. Patience is the key in this section and figure out what they are eating. Furthermore, try small patterns #20-26 in midges if you are really stumped… smaller the better sometimes.


Suggested Flies:

Mysis Shrimp #14, Pure Midge Larva Black #20-22, Flash Bang Midge Grey/BLK #20, Willy’s Ant Peach #10, Rojo Midge #18, Red San Jaun Worm #12, Micro Mayfly olive #18, Two-Bit Hooker red, olive #18-16, Zebra Midge Black/Red/Olive/Grey #18-20

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